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February 15, 2013

Here I will go over some of the active or ready to activate plotlines from Hell’s on Fire.

Asherah by the Sea is reclaiming her power with a champion in Aliza and high priestess at a small temple in Ciudad Juarez. As importantly,  the party was able to stop Death before he could siphon off the remnants of Baal’s power before sending the slumbering god to oblivion. Their rescue of the storm god is important, for without him, she is likely unable to rebuild her shattered pantheon. Not only did Aliza help save Baal, she did so by engaging his ancient foe, Mot, in melee combat. Baal will be pleased, if she  can wake him.

Lord Azheria of the Aerihmanus Atlanteans is obsessed with power and unknowingly under the sway of Chronos, who is using the clan in a big to free himself from Tarterus and retake his throne from Zeus. Azheria began exiling political dissidents  on an alternate earth overrun by zombies. These unfortunates are stranded without access to their magic and left as zombie food.  The party recently rescued one of their own from disposal by zombies, though none know exactly who sent him there.

The aforementioned Chronos has been quite busy, though via intermediaries. Azheria is under the Titan’s influence, though Chronos does not expect the rogue clan to contribute to his freedom. Rather, a particular orb was set loose upon earth with his freedom as its goal. To that end, it created a clone of Cody the half-Atlantean Cyber-Knight. The clone is working with a Necromancer named Maharet and a resurrected Rathos named Crab. Nega-Cody and crew are working towards Chronos’ freedom and keeping earth out of rival beings’ hands. They thus have fought the followers of Death, including Haggis, vampires, and the Church of El. The orb’s influence is mitigated by its bearer, Anna Maria, though it also tries to corrupt the demigoddess to its service.

To the south, the Vampire Kingdoms stir as (insert kingdom here), at Death’s bidding, began a war of expansion, starting with a rival kingdom. The dispossessed kingdom sought a new home in Ciudad Juarez during the Night of Blood. The city survived and the group gained an ally in the vampire known as Gash. Gash claims to be daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstauffen. The party is skeptical of her claims but has benefited from her abilities. Thus far, Reid’s Rangers have kept the vampires from expanding, but how long they can do so is questionable. Raoul Lazarius was wounded in battle and not been seen for some time. Likewise, Carlotta the White, Sir Raoul’s lover has disappeared.

An unnamed necromancer  has assembled a formidable assortment of undead to assist him in spreading death to the world. He is a worshipper of Mot but does not carry the mad being’s grudge against specific deities.  He used the dimensional disturbances from the Mechanoid invasion to gain access to a dimension of zombies, proving Azheria’s dimensional disposal is not as foolproof as he hoped. Among the necromancer’s undead servants are (or were), Roxy (Headhunter, destroyed), Haggis (Murder Wraith), Wez (Murder Wraith), Caranthir (Biomancer, destroyed), Hafgan (Temporal Warrior), Tinkerbelle (Psi-Operator), and Ashkii the Tormented (Psi-Stalker). The party only met Haggis, Wez, Roxy, Caranthir, and Tinkerbelle’s work. The Shemarrian the party rescued in DeeSea narrowly escaped Tinkerbelle while a number of Skelebots and Mechanoid Thin Men accompanied Roxy.

The King Under the Mountain, Frederick II, lies entombed at Kyffhäuser. While his daughter, Lady Margery of Palermo, has the ritual to restore the emperor and his army of knights and footmen to life, she does not know where his tomb lies.  Lady Margery became a master vampire known as Gash after her father’s wars with the papacy. After the Night of Blood, Anna-Maria used a ritual created by Michael Scott (an amchemist in Frederick II’s court) to restore some of Margery’s humanity. She now goes by Meg and is a Wampyre.

Maybe next I’ll untangle the PC and NPC backgrounds and relationships. I’ll try and simplify them to merely convoluted.


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