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May 14, 2015

I had a realization about GMing, at least for me. I work better when I have a definitive plot arc for the players to run through. I like them to know what it is, too. After my previous Juarez games collapsed under their own inertia, I decided to try a clear goal for the party to work towards. This try involved the party retrieving the scattered bits of Osiris. Isis would like to get them back, Set would like her not to. Hilarity will ensue. I managed to get the party rolling without a single quest-giving NPC. Rather they figured it out after finding a deific treasure map on a minion of Set they fought and killed. The pieces were scattered through space and time because the game is Rifts and dimensional travel is almost mandatory.

I would like to pick up once things settle down, but between adjusting to teaching four Adult Studies classes, taking a class so I can teach more classes, and an anticipated move, I lack the spare brainpower to keep the party going at the moment.


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  1. It is a good thing to realize. As much as I hear great things about sandbox games, I just can’t figure out how I would run one successfully.

    • I try to base the campaign in a sandbox game off the PCs backgrounds and goals. Of course, this can make managing the game a booger since the PCs can have wildly different goals and sometimes even oppositional goals. It takes more input from the players too.

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